SoCal Westy is a community or as we like to say a “TRIBE” of dancers, teachers, DJs, and friends passionate about WEST COAST SWING!

We strive to inspire and help cultivate a friendly, fun, warm, safe, open-minded, de-gendered and nurturing community in Southern California.  Above all else, our mantra is to grow West Coast Swing!

Originally formed in Los Angeles, by Champion Dancer Demetre Souliotes, SoCal Westy has grown and evolved into a not-for-profit board ran community with the simple goal of spreading West Coast Swing. The SoCal Westy board is comprised of active community members who each donate their time to assist in achieving our goal.

Regardless of SoCal Westy’s involvement, we continuously look to support other groups/promoters in west coast swing as partners not competitors.

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See you on the dance floor!