To be THE PREMIER driving force to promote and grow West Coast Swing as a dance and community!

We strive to lead by example! To be inclusive, to put the dance before money, to put the community before ourselves, to be passionate about growing WCS!

We want to create a vehicle which continues to evolve and really calls new dancers to this community!

Guiding Principals:

  • Create and foster a safe, warm, fun-loving environment that is welcoming to all sizes, types, colors, races, sexualities, ages, and dance levels.
  • Always offer FREE beginner classes.
  • Give to the community, don’t take from it.
  • There’s no such thing as ‘OUR’ Dancers or ‘OUR’ Students – We encourage students/dancers to go experience West Coast Swing with all teachers and at all dances, this is a community! We need to have thriving classes and dances all over the world!
  • Support and help other teachers/classes/dances who have similar values
  • If we don’t grow, we die. Allow WCS to evolve, grow and continue to appeal to new dancers of all ages. WCS in its nature is an evolving dance, not an era dance. Make sure that youth are involved.
  • WCS is a street dance which celebrates creativity self expression, largely separating it from other partner dances like ballroom. It allows people to dress (within reason) in a way that they feel comfortable.
  • Pay it forward. Teach, foster, and nurture future DJs and teachers.
  • This community is a sacred, magical, living thing; protect it.  Let’s teach others to share in the culture.
  • We stand up to injustice. We reserve the right to refuse service or entrance to anyone. We will invoke that right should the need arise to protect the greater community.