Blackout Fridays is our flagship night of classes, dancing, and community!

Here’s what you need to know:
– Blackout generally is a Bi-Monthly Event on the 1st & 3rd Friday.*
– Arrive for Classes a bit before 8pm to register! Dance starts @ 9pm … goes till 1am.
– FREE Beginner West Coast Swing Class every time!
– FREE for 1st Timers!
– FREE Parking!
– FREE Ticket if you BYOB = Bring Your Own Beginner**
– Spotlight Strictly = Generally every other BOF we host Spotlight Strictly***
– Our typical venue is SoHo Dance LA in Westwood/Santa Monica****
– Every once in a while we host the dance at the Sherman Oaks location!
– Each Blackout Friday will have a specific FB Event Page listed: HERE

Please like our Community Page on FB: HERE
Add yourself to our Group Page: HERE

*We do our best to keep BOF consistently on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month, though at least a handful of times per year, we move dates, locations, add or subtract an occurrence due to scheduling conflicts or to support local large conventions/competitions that might happen to be in town. Please see our SoCAL Community Calendar: HERE.

**This is our way of rewarding you for helping us grow our Westie Community! Just bring someone who hasn’t really danced West Coast Swing before and have them attend the FREE Beginner Class and we’ll a ticket for free entry to a subsequent Blackout Friday!

***Spotlight Strictly is an Open-To-All Showcase. You sign up with a partner and either select your own song, or choose to let the DJ select one for you. We have a max of 10 couples each showcase, who are given on opportunity to dance a spotlight dance in front of all their friends, classmates, and fellow SoCal Westies! This is simply our way of helping competitive dancers get some spotlight time, help people further their dancing by over coming fears, and a moment for us as a community to cheer each other on!

****We typically host our night @ SoHo Dance LA – 1618 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles, California 90025. We have 1 currently planned deviation from that, which is listed above on our flyer circled in red. We’ll be at WWLA!!! Blackout Friday at WWLA 8/23/2024 We might, for unseen circumstances, be required to move in addition to the night we already know about; we also on occasion try Pop Up venues for a special feel or to engage a new area of dancers. So please see the specific FB Event page for each date to stay fully informed on dates and venues.

Here are links to both regular locations no Google Maps:
SoHo Dance LA – Westwood/Santa Monica
SoHo Dance LA – Sherman Oaks

If you have any questions, please message us on FB, or email us @

See you on the dance floor!