Welcome to the SoCal Community Calendar!

This is an open-source community aggregate calendar. Basically, this a google calendar that has ‘accepted’ invites from each individual promoter’s calendar to share their respective calendar’s listings in one place. So each organizer, teacher, and promoter updates their own info!

If you’re a dancer and are willing to help…. post this calendar, share it, encourage your teachers to use it… help them get set up!!! Get the entire community using this calendar!

Help us make this the go-to resource for WCS in SoCal! It is our vision that one day we use paid-for ads to spread WCS to the masses, not only on FB but on Google, maybe even TV, but we need a landing page that can cover all of SoCal! SoCal Westy is dedicated to putting the community first, this is not about SoCal Westy’s events, rather about doing our part to make WCS more accessible to the masses! It’s about the entire community.

If you’re a promoter, here’s how it works:

Quick Instructions:
– Set up a Public Google Calendar that contains only your WCS classes/dances. Please name this Calendar something that will let us know who’s calendar it is.
– Format your events in that calendar as ‘All Day’ events, put times and details in the description. And name your event starting with your city or a recognizable name ex:

Danscene – WCS Tuesdays/ OC – WCS Tuesdays/ Costa Mesa WCS @ Danscene
OC-Swingin’ The Blues/ Swingin’ The Blues- OC/ Swingin’ The Blues @Atomic

– Share it with: SoCalWestyBoard@gmail.com

Detailed Instructions:
1. If you don’t have one already, create a new dedicated GOOGLE calendar that contains ONLY your WCS related event information – intended for full public access. You might even want to create a whole new gmail account just for this calendar. If you already have a gmail/google account, log on to that account. Navigate to your Calendar. On the left hand margin, underneath the small calendar you’ll see a grey box that says “add calendar” in it, just right of that you’ll see the 3 dots indicating a menu option, please click those dots. Then click “Create new calendar”. Name the calendar something that will let us know who’s calendar it is, your name or your WCS Brand.

2. Populate your dedicated Westie promotion calendar with your repeating and/or special WCS events. Keep your event titles short and sweet, just the name of your night maybe with the city or location included, but add plenty of info in the description, including your website, FB page, phone number, address for event etc. Please make every event an ALL DAY event. Do not have the event start at a certain time. List specific times in the details section… do not use the drop down boxes in google to pick start and end times. The entry should appear as a colored rectangle, not: “7pm WCS Swing LA”.

3. After you’ve saved your event details for all of your WCS events, we need to share this calendar with SoCal Westy. In the left hand margin menu, find the name of the calendar you’re using as your promotions calendar > hover over the name to expose a new options menu > click on the three vertical dots to open the menu > Click on “Settings & sharing”. That will open a new page,…. Do two things in this new page:

  • a)  Make Calendar Public and let the public see all event details > scroll down to the  section: “Access permissions” and check the box “Make available to public” > Then change the drop down menu just to the right of that checkbox to “See all event details”

  • b) Share this calendar with SoCal Westy = Scroll down and find “Share with Specific People” > Click on “Add people” > In the new pop up menu add our email address “SoCalWestyBoard@gmail.com

That’s it! Just let us know that you’ve shared your calendar with us, so we can make sure it’s included in the aggregated calendar on our site. Although, we do not want to be responsible for updating your event info, we’re happy to help if you have tech issues getting this all set up. Let us know if you get stuck! Just shoot us a FB message or email! Also, now that you’ve done all this work, please feel free to embed your new calendar on your website and share the link on your FB page!

If SoCal Westy as a collective board sees a calendar event from a Google calendar owner that we deemed irrelevant or containing non constructive information for the WCS Community, we will remove the Calendar until the disputed issue is resolved. As the event organizer you will be notified immediately via email if your calendar is removed with a reason as to why. An event will only be removed for the reasons above with no bias toward any one event organizer. Please keep in mind, this is not the calendar to promote other styles of dance to Westies, this is for the Westie community by the Westie community.